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Trick Mainline is made with TAC line, a low stretch polyethylene that is naturally oily so it doesn't dry out like polypropylene rope. It is twist resistant so it coils up nicely. These are custom made to your desired trick length with detachable sections to adjust the length of your trick line and come with a 9" black float.

Standard length:
45' long with three detachable sections (38' + 2' + 2' + 3')
One of the 2 foot sections has the black 9" float

For custom lengths call or e-mail Brenda

United States $16
E-mail for International rates

I ship via Priority Mail; freight charge is per 12" x 12" x 8" Priority Mail box. A total combination of 5 ropes or handles fit in a box. Added items, such as gloves, shock tube covers, etc. do NOT add to the freight charge. For example, the freight charge for a shipment to a United States address on an order for 3 ropes, 2 handles, 2 pairs of gloves, 6 pairs of kevlar liners, and 1 shock tube cover is $16.

Your Price:$40.00