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Slalom Mainline

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Slalom mainline is custom made using Brenda's small loop knotless design spliced together at each color change for tournament accuracy and ease of shortening the rope on tournament inboard boats. The 3/8" UV protected polypropylene rope alleviates twist and provides skiers with a high performance slalom mainline that gives skiers a strong pull while maintaining its elasticity.

This slalom mainline is for the shortline skier and it starts at 28' off, and it does not include the red and orange sections (15' and 22' sections).

Skiers have the option of adding one free extra loop/training loop

28' - 39.5'
Rainbow colors
Large loop at handle end of rope
Built-in rope caddy

Pylon loop size
Length (Standard or Switch)
Extra Loop
Color of last long section (White or Black)

*Choose the 4" loop size if you will be using this rope behind both a Malibu (model year 2004-2016) and other brands of inboard boats.

Malibu boats (Model 2004-2016) need bigger small loops

Other options (add separately to your cart):
41' and/or 43' loop
Additional extra loops

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Watch a short video on how to order a custom made slalom mainline online:

United States $16
E-mail for International rates

I ship via Priority Mail; freight charge is per 12" x 12" x 8" Priority Mail box. A total combination of 5 ropes or handles fit in a box. Added items, such as gloves, shock tube covers, etc. do NOT add to the freight charge. For example, the freight charge for a shipment to a United States address on an order for 3 ropes, 2 handles, 2 pairs of gloves, 6 pairs of kevlar liners, and 1 shock tube cover is $16.

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