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Tournament Team Spectra Handle strung up rope exposed around the grommet with 3 inch gray vinyl sleeves in a tight weaved 1/4" Spectra rope with two rope thickness at the V to a single braid. There is about 11 feet of rope in this handle. 100% of my pro skiers choose the Spectra and 99% of my skier handle sales are the Spectra.

Freddie Winter Handle of choice Team 12" (1.03)
Chad Scott Handle of choice Team 12" (1.092)
Manon Costard Handle of choice Team 12" (1.062)

IN TOW handles are custom made to your specs so please make sure of the length and diameter. If unsure of your diameter, then measure around your handle on a place that is not worn (usually in the middle or on the very ends). If you do not have a soft tape measure then cut a strip of paper and tightly wrap it around the handle, mark where the paper meets, and measure the length with a ruler:

(.888) = 2 7/8"
(.940) = 3"
(.970) = 3 1/8"
(1.00) = 3 3/16"
(1.03) = 3 5/16"
(1.062) = 3 3/8"
(1.092) = 3 7/16"
(1.125) = 3 9/16"
(1.183) = 3 3/4"

Length: 12" or 13"
Diameter: (.888) (.940) (.970) (1.00) (1.03) (1.062) (1.092) (1.125) (1.183)
Spectra Color: Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink
Endcaps: 5" grey wedge shaped (see insert picture)

Other options (add these options separately to your cart):
Cross Bar
Ski Guard
Vinyl Tubing past the V (only)

Have a special request? E-mail or call Brenda!

For complete product information:

There is a one year prorated warranty on my handles. Warranty on bending of handles extends only to the straight Team 12” handle. There is NO warranty on handles that the rope is cut by the sharp edge of the ski even if there is tubing on the rope.

United States $16
E-mail for International rates

I ship via Priority Mail; freight charge is per 12" x 12" x 8" Priority Mail box. A total combination of 5 ropes or handles fit in a box. Added items, such as gloves, shock tube covers, etc. do not add to the freight charge. For example, the freight charge for a shipment to a United States address on an order for 3 ropes, 2 handles, 2 pairs of gloves, 6 pairs of kevlar liners, and 1 shock tube cover is $16.

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