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The Ski Guard is IN TOW's custom part that protects the rope bridle section from the sharp top edge of the ski when coming up out of the water. It is a solid piece of clear vinyl that extends 5.5" up the sides of the V of the handle and 1.5" past the V of the handle. A 9" piece of small diameter 7/16" clear vinyl tubing goes under the Ski Guard 9" past the V of the handle. The 9" length works for the large majority of skiers, but if you need a longer piece just let me know. The Ski Guard now includes a 2" piece of black shrink tubing to cover the area where the Ski Guard (Y piece) ends and the 9" piece of small diameter tubing begins.

You must purchase a handle in order to get the Ski Guard; the Ski Guard is part of the handle and includes the 9" piece of tubing past the V with the 2" piece of black shrink tubing.

There is no warranty for the rope being cut by the ski even if you have the Ski Guard on areas that the rope is exposed and there is no warranty on the Ski Guard if your ski totally destroys it. For tips on how to spare your bridle section from your ski please refer to the link above.

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